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Life management

Life management is a process of gathering momentum for your own personal push for progress. We will discuss about managing the three key resources of life that can be harnessed for your growth and success. Life management sessions are done in groups or as individuals and the first session is usually free.

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Personal branding

Branding has to do with image and vision. We publish posters, e-magazines/books, presentations and  CVs. We also do training and coaching. If it has to do with personal perception or branding and you feel like you need professional help, we will be glad to be of service.

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WP Academy

At the WP Academy we structured a curriculum based on two of the greatest books on personal growth in history. Join us and learn from the best minds that have researched on success and life management. It is run both online and offline, and we ensure a warm and serene learning environment essential for all to grow and learn from each other.

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"I attended my first Life management session last year and it was amazing. I wish i was in Lagos to be able to partake in live sessions"


on Life management

"It was a nice experience with the WP Think and Grow Rich Academy (TGRA). Thanks for the opportunity and platform."


on WP Academy

"I had a Life management session with Dr Tio and my eyes opened to the possibilities. I can't wait for the Academy to resume again"


on Life managment

"I've got my mind made up to just do it one more time and another and another time till my vision becomes my reality!!"


on WP Academy

Meet the team


Head Instructor
Zino is an A.B.A/early Intervention specialist (AEIS) whose passion is geared towards helping people adjust to life. She is the Boss of the WP learning center and she believes everyone is special and extraordinary in their own way.


Goodness is a seasoned economist and finance/investment manager. She is also great at strategic planning. When she's not working with numbers, she's out educating people on their financial and spiritual growth.


Media Director
Ugo is a graduate of Public Administration. He has an amazing ability to create art with visuals and he is the major driver behind the WP mission and message.

Dr Tio

Head of Operations
Tio is a healthcare administrator and life management consultant. His passion lies in developing people and systems. His burning desire is to see Nigerians grow and prosper

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