A part apart

Time to challenge our national belief

It starts from a piece of wisdom. Wisdom that was blended in between the words of a song by 2Face Idibia. Woven philosophy into poetry like a true master.

Here are the words:

“To be civilized you don’t have to be educated. Let’s make it happen so we time will not be wasted, most of the things anticipated, like don’t trample upon another man to be elevated,

Inflated egos must surely be deflated. The power of forgiveness is underrated, but with love and equality we all were created.”

We hear the song and the words, but we don’t understand the meaning. The words tell the story of a nation. A nation we all know. A nation we are all a part of but apart from.


We very rarely identify ourselves as Nigerians. A typical Nigerian knows all the things to rebuke in our country, but we can’t remember the reasons why we should praise her. She is a she yeah. She bleeds, she cries, she has been raped over and over, she has seen the slaughter, the greed, the evil, the wickedness and neglect. In short she has been through hell.

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Ups and downs of epic proportions she has seen. Injustice is brought upon her people again and again. She is that Mother that watched her children suffer and toil, only to be paid back with more suffering. But she could not help them. Why?

Because they refused to believe in her. They called her a bastard. She had no parents really. Just some nasty old fosters who were only interested in her because of her gifts. Sooner or later every relationship has got to rearrange. But instead of letting her grow, they have stifled her progress.

They have incited factions and divisions. And sponsored tyranny and violence. What they forget indeed, is that thorns also have seeds. And what you sow, you will reap.

It was long prophesied. That someday her children would come to their senses. They would rise up and say “alas, even my father’s servants live better that I!” And then they would get angry. We all know what they say, that “anger gets things done”.

The children of the land would realize that Mother was always a true notion. They would realize that everything happens for a reason. The children will go back to their history, and they will learn the lessons of age. They will learn why they must believe in one another and in Mother. Because she is real and she is our future.

It concludes with a summary of the bit of inspiration from those life changing lyrics. That if we can all decide to believe in Nigeria. We could be one of the proudest people on Earth.

Let’s begin by proclaiming; “it is well with Nigeria! Our best days are ahead!”.  Amen!

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