Seeing is believing

Let us clear up a common misconception.

Faith is a big subject when we talk about the power of the mind, because it is through faith that we ask and get what we ask for. Pay close attention.

When we hear that seeing is believing, we think about seeing physically. But for faith to work, we need to see with our minds. Belief in what others cannot see but you. What do you think imagination is for? You can literally create your world as you want it to be, and believe that it will be that way. Faith promises that you will get what you can see in your mind and believe.

The misconception among many who are already familiar with the subject of faith, is that faith does not require hard work and travails. If you are going to get what you want in life, then you must be willing to give up personal comfort. In fact giving up personal comfort will become a habit. That picture you hold onto by faith in your mind must be built. It must be build literally, and with bare hands.

Napoleon Hill based his life’s work on the premise that ‘whatever the mind can conceive and believe, one can achieve’. He was absolutely right. To achieve is to go on to build and create, to do what needs to be done.

Faith requires us to believe in the unseen. But does that mean that faith is blind?

Consider the story of Thomas. He did not believe in overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ was risen. He chose to hold out until he saw with his own eyes. Seeing is believing, but do you remember what Christ said to him?

He said “Blessed are those that have not seen (physically), and yet believe”.

It is an amazing power you have within you. The law of attraction states that once you hold on to an image in your mind, and make it an obsession, sooner or later that image will become reality through a ripple of causes and effects. This is sure, because the physical world is a manifestation of the spiritual. And the mind is a spiritual entity.

So the next time you hear the expression; ‘seeing is believing’, be reminded of this. Visionaries are those who have no need to see in the physical before believing.

And there is a visionary inside of you.

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