The entrepreneur and leader

Think like an entrepreneur, then lead

Somehow the true entrepreneur cannot be exempted from leadership. Not only do you have to lead teams and ensure productivity, you have to mentor others into becoming competent leaders as well.

July's issue of WP magazine was a special one because after a brief management overhaul, during which our site was on maintenance, we were still able to ensure that our content remained educative and encouraging with a dose of pretty advertising.  'Think like an Entrepreneur' is a set of mindset skills that anyone can learn, develop and apply to their careers as entrepreneurs. Get it here.

Being an entrepreneur is not about money or free time or living the life of your dreams, those are after effects. A true entrepreneur is someone who has mastered something Napoleon Hill called "Success consciousness". It's a mindset that promotes progress and innovation. Entrepreneurship is about pushing the boundaries of what we call impossible.

Note on the side: 'Impossible' is an area dependent notion. For example, what is impossible for us in Nigeria may not be impossible in other countries.

One of the important skills an entrepreneur must possess is an ability to relate to people. The entrepreneur does this by projecting positivity and looking to the best in others.

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This ability to relate to other people and being able to get the cooperation of others is called people skills. Any one can develop this skill, and as you develop it you also develop the quality that leaders and entrepreneurs cannot do without.

That is the ability to manage people in order to get a task done. The entrepreneur is invariably a leader because he or she must possess that self development drive in order to be able to inspire others to reach their own potential.

Part of managing people is being able to make them see the relevance of what they are doing and how it contributes to the overall mission and to their own personal value. The entrepreneur is someone who is on a constant path of growth and development. Not just for themselves, but for everyone around them.

Anyone can become a great entrepreneur and a great leader. Men and women have risen from places of obscurity and nothing to becoming well known industry leaders. They simply got on a path of self development and kept going. Today they are inspirations to others.

They mostly got to a point in life where it all seemed lost, but then they got a message. The same kind of message coming to you today. The path to self development is always near to you, you just have to be able to recognize the opportunity it presents.

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