The positive effect of change

Be, change, become...

Change is meant to be a good thing at all times. It’s just that most people don’t know what change really entails. What change really entails is growth. Getting bigger both in mind, body and spirit.

The real term to describe this is evolution. The positive effect of change is evolution.

When we evolve, we go from one state to a better state. It’s like going from one level of thinking, feeling and living to another. As long as change is constant, man must evolve. The problem is that man often fails to evolve.

Just as the body gets bigger, the mind should also get broader and the spirit stronger. The mind gets broader in perspective by the acquisition of knowledge and gaining of understanding. The spiritual connection is one that is strengthened when we gain understanding of the truth.

The problem is that acquiring knowledge requires conscious effort. Evolution is not spontaneous. So in order for the positive effect of change to take place in any life, there must be deliberate effort put in. The person must learn persistence and must go through the stress of practice. We cannot ever evolve if we don’t go through the strenuous effort required.

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The best part of change and evolution when it comes to humans is the new levels of understanding. Evolution comes with new perspectives, new ideas and increase in self-confidence. Take for instance, learning to drive. At first we are apprehensive behind the wheel, but we tell ourselves we must learn to do this as a basic skill so we persist. After sometime it feels so natural. Sometimes the motions are so automatic that we are behind the wheel, sit belt fastened and vehicle in gear before we realize it.

That same outlook can be applied to learning any skill, solving any problem or growing generally in life. We will notice it by our growth. It will be evident in the change of levels and the blessings that come at each level.

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