The science of mentality

A little break down on how your mind works

Mentality is the state of a person’s thinking. It describes the ability or inability to use your mind.

The science of mentality is an understanding of how the mind works and how to use it in the most beneficial way. All 'issues of life' have their root in the mind, so it is important to understand the principle of how the mind works. 

Improper (or lack of proper) use of the mind leads to mental distress, discontentment and all those real life consequences. Proper use of the mind leads to happiness, contentment and empowerment. The way to properly use your mind is by controlling your thought processes and your emotional states. When we do not achieve and maintain this control, it leads to improper use.

The mind is an entity where thoughts and emotions are formed. One part of it is fully under your conscious control. It is the point of reasoning and logic. It also serves as a gateway to the second part of the mind. This part is infinite, and not under your conscious control. The first part is usually called the conscious mind and the second part, the sub-conscious mind.

The sub-conscious mind is the point through which we receive inspirations and ideas. Dreams, premonitions and imagination all occur in the domain of the sub-conscious mind.

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Proper use of our mind involves recognizing and directing our thoughts, so we can stay in positive state of emotions. The conscious mind serves as a gateway to the sub-conscious mind. Every thought that is ‘acted on’ by the sub-conscious is first entertained and pondered on by the conscious mind. The more we entertain and ponder upon any thought concerning any subject, those thoughts evoke emotions in our mind.

Information reaches our mind through our physical senses. The information is interpreted by our brain using chemical signals and electrical impulses. The impulses are thoughts. These thoughts can evoke feelings. When feelings are strong enough, they can stimulate the sub-conscious mind into producing effect in form of idea, inspiration or plan of action.

You know why ‘all issues of life’ proceed from the mind. We must learn to control the kind of information that we entertain. And also learn to adapt ourselves in such a way that wrong (or negative) information and poor circumstances don't affect our thoughts and emotions.

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Our sub-conscious mind cannot tell the difference between positive and negative emotions. It produces results on our most constant and powerful emotions. Making them come to pass by a series of causes and effects.

The science of mentality aims to help us understand and use the power of our mind. Knowing this will help us begin to direct our thoughts, in whatever circumstance.

The emotional states of hope, faith and love produce empowerment as opposed to fear, hatred and despondence. It is clearly evident in the lives of those who live in well-being, wealth and progress and those who live in poverty, strife and stagnation. 

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