Using the science of mentality

Get the power that comes with right use of knowledge

Knowledge is always good to seek and find. It is said that knowledge is power, however knowledge in itself is not worth anything if it is not utilized and put to good effect. It is the wisdom gained from knowledge and understanding that gives us power.

Knowing about the way your mind reacts to thoughts and emotions is good but of no use if you don't take control of your thoughts and practice 'guarding your heart' by monitoring your thoughts and feelings constantly. 

There are a few ways to use this knowledge and make sure that you bring your mind under conscious control. You might better understand this text if you have read about the science of mentality.

Understanding the science of mentality can help you:-


Recognizing your state of mind can help you reach reach for more positive feelings at every point in time. At first you would have to constantly monitor your feelings by asking yourself "how do I feel right now?" It will certainly get easier the more you do it until it becomes second nature. Under whatever circumstance, keeping a positive state of mind will ensure that you don't fall into despair, hopelessness, depression or extreme grief.

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Positive emotions attract more positive thoughts and keep you feeling empowered and encouraged. Have you heard about the advantages of counting your blessings? In whatever situation, there is always a blessing that could be counted. This has the benefit of lifting your emotional state and also helps to build your faith and attract more positive circumstances into your life. The same goes for negative emotions. The more we entertain negative thoughts, we feel more fear. Fear in all its basic forms will produce its offspring like greed, anger, malice, envy, poverty and so on. 
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Focus keeps you in a concentrated state of mind when you understand and use the power. The more you use focus, the more you exercise control over your thoughts and stay positive no matter the situation or circumstance. Focusing on positive outcomes and expectations results in feeling of hope and exercises faith which leads to positive words and actions. 
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It really works! Managing your thoughts and emotions leads to empowerment, reduces mental stress, keeps you speaking and acting positive and makes you get better at meeting targets and keeping schedules. All life issues have root in our minds so managing thoughts is a sure way to success in life. 

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