You can do it!

Are you ready to set your mind to it?

It has been proven through research that it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to reach expert level at anything. This is vital information, because now you know how much you would need to put in to be called expert at anything. When we say expert we mean you reach Professional level.

Consider this, you are an expert when you put in the time to become good at a vocation. You are a professional when that vocation pays you and you are a success at that vocation when it is something you love. So it is possible to become an expert but not a professional in that case it is either a hobby or you love punishment. Why? Because only two things could motivate anyone to put in that much effort and time into a vocation; money and/or love.

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But there is that situation where you are a successful professional. This means you love that vocation and you get paid for it and that's what creates happiness.

Network marketing allows us to reach everybody, using the story of our success as an example to tell you that you can do anything, once you set your mind to it. The more amazing thing is that you can tell your story in different ways through different means. The way in which you express yourself the most is your way of telling your story and you could advertise your brand by doing that.

Rain International has given us an opportunity to enrich and touch lives and get paid for it. Tell your story in the way that pleases you and become successful in the process. If you ask us, there’s no better vocation. Don’t get fooled into thinking you won’t meet obstacles, and don’t for a second think that it is instantaneous success. It’s not.

It is a growth process, you grow, your network grows, you practice your own expression while teaching others to express themselves, and you could even do it alongside your day job until you become big enough to fire your boss.

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